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With Love John and Samantha Commins

Turned on Podcast: Ep. 031: Love Should Not Be a Battlefield with John and Samantha Commins
John and Samantha Commins share their story on how John’s return home from combat opened their eyes to a giant void to our veteran families
The Gametime Guru - Episode 109: John and Samantha - Sports, Military, Marriage, & Business
Samantha (Sam) and John both had the will to compete when they grew up. Sam played many sports and competed at a high level in Softball where John competed in college in baseball.

We’ll get to know their stories in sports as well as learn how/why John didn’t end up going pro (very unique story to be honest). Now they use those skills they learned during sports to help with their marriage, as well as their business. John also learned a lot that he was able to transfer over to his military days.
Today they get to work as a team, as well as work hard as individuals to make their lives function at a high level and it’s great to watch!

Listen in and get to learn about The Come Home Project

21 Gun Podcast - Marine John Commins: The Come Home Project & Mental Health
John was a college baseball player whose dreams of going professional were superseded by his desire to serve. John and I had a great conversation about the stigma of seeking treatment of mental health issues while serving and the perception of “weakness” in the military culture.

After leaving the service, he and his wife created “The Come Home Project”.

The Untold 98 Percent Podcast with Samantha Commins
In this episode we sit down with Samantha Commins and talk about the pressures that we put on ourselves as athletes. As we move into the real world, those same pressures impact our lives. We need to have self-love and appreciate every experience. My favorite part of the interview is when we talk about playing with the “big dawgs”. Starting back at the bottom of an industry isn’t easy, but you’ve been playing up your whole life. Go get em’