A Non-Profit organization strengthening the Warrior-Spouse relationship for military families around the world.

With Love John and Samantha Commins

How can YOUR relationship benefit from The Come Home Project

We offer multiple different outlets brought to the comfort of your home…

Weekly LIVE training on FB

Monthly Expert Speakers (SPECIFICALLY relatable for military couples)

Healthy Living Monthly Newsletter by our Public Health Coordinator 

On Base Workshops at Camp Pendleton (will be streamed LIVE for virtual viewers)

Yearly Couples Retreat

Giveaways for the Couples from their favorites companies

Date Night Experiences

5 Week Couples Group Course

4 Week Individual Jumpstart

Perspectives on vulnerable topics from both the military personnel and the spouse

Open Door Policy for our members

Community for LIKE MINDED couples looking to up level their relationships

*we are not counselers, therapy, or realted to the medical field in any way and will only give advice based on our true and real experiecne and knowledge*