A Non-Profit organization strengthening the Warrior-Spouse relationship for military families around the world.

With Love John and Samantha Commins

The Come Home Project


The Come Home Project is a non-profit working to provide the warrior AND spouse the needs necessary to reunite with one another before, during, and after the service.

We combat the problems that lead to divorce in military couples around the world. There is an epidemic problem with the number of couples who are facedwith divorce,  veterans who suffer with PTSD along with the shocking number of veterans who are committing suicide. The facts are that 22 veterans a day take their life, which is a higher number than lives lost in the battlefield and ontop of that divorce rates are skyrocketing. 

Our mission is to save a million military marriages by reuniting the warrior-spouse relationship and growing ourselves from within.

MEET…John & Sam

Veteran & Spouse, Coaching Military Couples

Sam and John are THE “tell it like it is” couple, down to Earth, raw and real! John is a Marine Veteran and Sam is a former medical field worker. They found each other through…TINDER, yes the crazy world we live in now. They are both former college athletes, baseball and softball, with Bachelors degrees. What you may not know is that they have their first baby, Giovanni, on the way! They are dedicated to helping other couples who refuse to give up on one another. Who understand that there will be hard times, but that just makes the great times even better. They are here to help couples reclaim who they are and encourage growth in their relationship. In the military…before, during, or after deployments you may be there physically, but the Commins are here to make sure you’re both TRULY HOME mentally and emotionally in The Come Home Project.

Our Approach

After years of experience we have concluded that SO many want to run away from the words therapy and counseling. We are NOT here to be those resources for you instead, we are here to bring the resources to the comfort of  YOUR HOME! We are the FRIENDS that you feel comfortable coming to when you are in need. The couple that can offer value to help  you grow as an individual and THRIVE as a couple. We aren’t your average  ‘Joe Schmoes’. We are the people who will lift you up when you need it most!

Contact Us

Ask a question, want us to touch on a subject or book an appointment below! For emergencies call 911 or visit your nearest hospital.


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